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Purchasing Images 
To order work listed in my website:, Choose a design in person at any one of my canopy art fair shows or by catalog number found on line at this website. Determine the dimensions of the finished piece wanted. Attempt to maintain the proportions of the design from this website. Custom dimensions are always possible. For advice or more information in ordering, please contact me. All laminated pieces consist of a ¼” museum quality UV filtering clear acrylic laminated to the print with a backing of ⅛” opaque white or black acrylic laminated to the back side of the print. A back panel with hanging implementation and felt pads completes the structure of the art. Each finished work has an engraved signature on the front and a signature and the date of completion of the back panel. The perimeter edges of the entire work are highly polished to near absolute clarity. Pricing is as little as $0.68 per square inch for larger pieces which cover higher production risk and labor.  For example, a 20”x30” work sells for $395 or $0.66 per square inch and a 20”x8” work for $95 or $0.60 per square inch.  A 16”x40” work runs $416 at $0.65 per square inch. A contract between the buyer and the artist at the start of production is made by pre-payment of one-half the agreed upon cost of the work, sales tax and shipping with completed payment due prior to shipment. Payment can be made by CC or Paypal. Insured shipment by UPS can be expected within three weeks.
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