Home         Home Home         Home A scene from Georgia adapted to size 24" x 37" Mosaic styled portrait of pet using images of nudes. On fine art paper. 21"x16" Business owner wanted photo cleaned up for a Christmas card.  Lots of removal. Early marriage photo. For relatives of deceased couple at memorial service. Five images stitch to form a wall mural panorama of Milwaukee's lake front printed on vinyl. 5'x14' Jamacan vacation photo enlarged and enhanced to 9"x27" Low res Selfi enhanced for specific effect. Painter associate needed photos of his work for jurying into art shows. Restaurant owner needed signs for his weekend market sales. Associate needed 80  photos of his project in his presentation to Macy's.
For Inner Creativity
For Business
Photo enhancement
Enhanced Vacation Photo
Dog Portrait with a Twist
Printed on Fine Art Paper for a gallery display for a friend. Friend in Rome needed group portrait corrected for dark shadows lightened.
Photo for Gallery Exhibit
Photo for Gallery Exhibit
Enhanced Portrait
Vacation Memory
Business proposition
Jury photo for artist painter
Business Christmas Card
Advertising flyer
Mural for TV station
Photo restoration for memorial service
Photo Restoration
Canvas rendition of Station XII. 20"x15. For Inspired Artisans, Milwlaukee WI
Memorial for Pets
Recently departed pets remembered in a religious setting. Fused image onto glass. 10"x8"
Conference Portrait Correction
Business Sample Image
Memorial for Pets
Artist wanted collection of his art documented on canvas prints.
My Services:
DESIGN:      Business   Cards.   Invitations,   Signage   for   every   occasion.   Large   format   Epson Stylus   Ultrachrome   Pro   7890   printer   (24”   wide   x   up   to   60”   long   continuous   image).   Non-fading archival   inks.   Media:   Gloss,   Semi-Gloss,   Matte   Canvas;   Fine   Art   Papers;   Matte;      Matte,   Semi- gloss, Gloss Photo Paper.s Other media upon demand: metalic, clear, glass.
Preparing quality prints of personal photo images on quality media fit for framing nearly any size. Photo restoration, repair, and transfer to quality media. Professional photo editing to create the proper effect with your images. Artistic enhancement of your existing images to the standard I hold for my art. Canvas gallery warp is an option Designer cards for any occasion: Birthday, Invitations, Wedding, Announcements...Business card design Signage to suit your settings Digital transfer of 35mm slides Quality media to suit any need
PRINTING:       Large   format   Epson   Stylus   Ultrachrome   Pro   7890   printer   (24”   wide   x   up   to 60”    long    continuous    image).    Non-fading    archival    inks.    Media:    Gloss,    Semi-Gloss,    Matte Canvas;   Fine   Art   Papers;   Matte;      Matte,   Semi-gloss,   Gloss   Photo   Paper.s   Other   media   upon request: metalic, clear, glass.
Collection of Artist’s Works
         Hello   image   lovers.      My   history   with color   spans   decades   of   mountaineering, gardening,           theatrical           lighting, photography,     and     art     shows     under canopies in several states.          Presently   I   offer   services   to   you,   my potential     clients,     to     accomplish     for yourselves     what     I     provided     for     art shows   in   the   Third   Ward,   Mount   Mary University,    Racine,    Kenosha,    Chicago, Minneapolis,   Des   Moines,   Spring   Green, Green    Bay,    Madison,    Bayfield    and    for galleries,        friends,        and        business associates in the Milwaukee area. I   am   a   pro   at   revitalizing   damaged images. I     can     artistically     enhance     any vacation image as a wall hanging. You    need    signs    for    any    season? Within reason, I can do it. Got     an     idea     for     a     business     or personal card? I can help. An   image   is   out   of   wack?   Let   me   fix it.
Need   help   with   a   business   card? Call          me.Need          an          print enlargement? How    would    a    24”x    60”    image work for you? Need    35mm    slides    scanned    for your    computer?    No    problem.    I can do 50 slides in a batch. Just    need    someone    to    print    a picture    file.    Can    do!    Just    name the   media:   canvas,   photo   paper, textured fine art paper. Want   to   edit   your   Uncle   Elmo   out of   a   family   photo?   I   am   a   genius at painful removals. I    work    out    of    my    home    office    in Franklin    where    the    magic    happens with   a   wide   format   Epson   StylusPro 7890   printer   that   uses   Ultra-Chrome inks    with    matte    and    photo    black; where   I   use   a   Nikon   Super   Cool   Scan 5000    slide    scanner.    I    specialize    in Epson   print   media   sizes   to   maximum print size: 24"x 60"
Photograph taken for design competition
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