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  DRAMA  COLOR  FANTASY My   art   is   not   entirely   photographic   but   entirely   based   on photographic   files   of   my   taking.   It   is   not   entirely   digital since   many   files   are   taken   originally   from   slide   film.   The best   description,   however,   is   that   of   a   colorful   abstractive whimsical   layered   blend   -   derivative   and   surrealistic   as   an output of Photoshop. It’s   all   about   enhanced   color,   drama,   light, fantasy,   movement,   emotion   as   my   original photographs      transition      from      realistic presentation      to      an      almost      abstract derivative    surrealism.    I    want    others    to dance   in   an   emotional   re-discovery   of   my unforgettable experiences. Each   image   is   a   unique   single   edition   work printed    on    Kodak    metallic    photographic paper    laminated    directly    to    UV    filtering museum    quality    acrylic    and    backed    by    another    opaque layer of acrylic – an expensive risk-ridden process. The   end   result   is   a   frameless,   three   dimensional,   very   high gloss   production   with   manually   polished   edges   that   seem to lift away from the wall in space. - david harrison -
  Artistic  Declaration
Blustering Sunset Over Red Lodge (30" x 20")