Acrylic Miniatures - 2017 
In order to reach a broader market of buyers, I initiated a series of miniatures that in essence are size reductions of current and earlier works that I have produced. These miniatures are fashioned in the same manner as my current works: limited edition prints on metallic photographic paper then laminated under 1” block of hand polished acryli, then laminated to a base fabric of felt. To order a miniature, Choose a design in person at any one of my canopy art fair shows or by catalog number found on line at this website. Select the size of block desired (all blocks are 1” in thickness) 1 1/2” x 3”  ($ 40 + shipping) 2” x 3”   ($ 50+ shipping) E-mail or call with your order. Payment can be made by CC or Paypal. Shipment in a padded pouch can be expected within two weeks. Below are samples of how a miniature appears. The main feature is the refractive mirroring of the image from different viewing angles. Another musing one is how the image seems to shift as a viewing angle changes. For advice or information in ordering a miniature please contact me. For ordering a miniature that contains a memorable, personal picture please contact me. For information or pricing for miniatures of other sizes than listed please contact me. Miniatures ready for wall hanging are available: ” clear acrylic laminated to your work or my image, then backed flush with white or black acrylic ” backing. Pricing is $1.10 per square inch or slightly more depending of other options such as thickness of the overlying and underlying acrylic.
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